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crash (somewhere)

crash somewhere
1) sleep somewhere without caring what the conditions are
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    • I need a place to crash tonight
  • Analysis

    To crash somewhere is a casual informal expression which means to sleep anywhere without concern for comfort or conditions. If you crash somewhere it can mean to sleep in someone's house for the night without having planned to in advance. To crash somewhere can also mean to go to a party or an event without an invitation.

  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. I really need a place to crash for the night. Can I stay at yours? I'll sleep on the floor if necessary.
    2. Person A: "I heard David's wife kicked him out of their flat. Where's he staying now?" Person B: "He's crashing at my place until they sort things out."
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. By the time we got the deal over the line, we had nearly worked through the night, so I didn't bother going home. I just crashed on the office sofa for a few hours.
    2. Two flights were cancelled because of the weather so I had to crash in the airport in order to be able to catch the next one.
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