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(course/plan) of (action/attack)

course of actionplan of attackplan of action
1) recommend/suggest/follow a course/plan of action/attack
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    • a course of action, a plan of attack
  • Analysis
    A 'plan of attack', 'plan of action' or 'course of action' can all refer to a strategy or steps agreed upon for future action. A 'plan of attack' can be used in aggressive scenarios where physical steps are necessary, such as in sports, the military or in campaigns: "Moving forward into the territory is the only possible plan of attack at the time being." "Our plan of attack is to play defensively for the next half of the game." A 'plan of action' might be needed to react to a situation or change in circumstances: "Maria has devised a great plan of action to address our marketing concerns." A 'course of action' implies a less aggressive approach with a number of possibilities: "Letting go of staff is a course of action that is open to us." "This is the course of action that I recommend."
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. What course of action would you recommend to solve the problem?
    2. We've finalized a plan and we all agree that this is the best plan of action to follow.
    3. The General laid out their plan of attack and the soldiers prepared to fight.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. The Manager stood up at the head of the table and said, Okay, what's our plan of attack for increasing sales?
    2. May I suggest that our plan of attack be changed? I don't really think it's working.
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