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clowning around

clowning around
1) acting foolishly for humour/entertainment; not concentrating
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    • stop clowning around
  • Analysis
    To 'clown around' means to behave in a silly, immature or irresponsible way. If you accuse someone of 'clowning around' it is similar to saying they are 'messing' or not taking things seriously. This is an expression more often used in a social context to describe someone's behaviour but you could hear it in professional contexts also often as an insult. "He has been accused of 'clowning around' at politics and not taking the matter seriously." Similar meaning expressions and phrases include 'messing around' 'play the fool' and 'horse around'.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. Stop clowning around or we'll get kicked out of the gallery.
    2. All of the children kept clowning around during the assembly, much to the teachers' dismay.
    3. I was always clowning around in school. It ended up affecting my academic performance.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. Posting videos of your team in the office working and clowning around gives your customers an insight into the culture of your company.
    2. This isn't a good time to be clowning around. We have an awful lot of work to get done.
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