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circle back to

circle back to
1) discuss or revisit something at a later time
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    • we'll circle back to this issue in a few days
  • Analysis
    To circle back to something means to revisit or to consider something again at a later time. This expression is most commonly used in a business setting to express that you will 'get back' to someone or make a decision about something at another time.
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. There's not enough time left to discuss the sales figures at this meeting, we'll circle back to it at tomorrow's morning stand-up.
    2. There's no point circling back to this issue at a later date, it needs resolving now!
    3. I can't give you an appointment time because I haven't put next week's schedule together yet. Circle back to me on Monday and I'll book you in.
    4. Alan was too busy to respond to my email immediately, but he circled back to me with a detailed answer a few days later.
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