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call (somebody's) bluff

call somebody's bluff
1) challenge someone to do what they are threatening to do or prove that what they're saying is true
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    • I knew he/she was lying so I called his/her bluff
  • Analysis
     only used when you do not believe the person in question
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. I called a bluff on the idea that we could downsize our workforce without negatively impacting our plans for expansion. It just didn't sound feasible.
    2. Mike tried to get a raise by claiming another company had offered him a better paid position. I knew he was lying so I called his bluff and wished him luck in his new job.
    3. I threatened to resign if the company didn't implement the changes I put forward. Unfortunately, they had no hesitation calling my bluff so my plan backfired badly!
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