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breathing (space/room)

breathing spacebreathing room
1) a brief respite from something constricting or a difficult situation
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    • the loan has afforded me some breathing room
  • Analysis
    This expression can be used in either a social or professional context to refer to giving somebody sufficient space or freedom to do something. If somebody is being overbearing towards you or is trying to put pressure on you in some way, you can ask them to give you some breathing space/room. It can also refer to a period of rest from a difficult situation that allows you time to replenish your energy, or think of and try different solutions. The expression is commonly used in relation to financial difficulties.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. Selling my car hasn't cleared my debts, but it has afforded me a bit of breathing space.
    2. I had to get out of the house to give myself a bit of breathing space and time to think.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. I know my students are under a lot of pressure, so I extended the deadline for their assignment by a week to give them some breathing room.
    2. The bank loan gives me some breathing space, but the business is still in a precarious position unless I find a way of turning things around.
    3. If we pressurize them into making a decision they will walk away from the deal, so let's give them some breathing room.
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