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blow a fuse

blow a fuse
1) lose one's temper; get really angry
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    • going to blow a fuse
  • Analysis
    A fuse is a circuit breaker used to protect a circuit in electrical components. If a 'fuse is blown' it means the fuse overloads the circuit causing the fuse to break. If a person 'blows a fuse' it refers to them losing their temper or becoming enraged: "My mother is going to blow a fuse when she finds out we broke the vase!" This is an informal phrase you can hear in lots of different situations. Similar to 'lose the head' and 'blow a gasket'.
  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. I was going to blow a fuse if they kept insulting me.
    2. When I told her that her favourite shirt had been ruined, she blew a fuse.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. My Manager blew a fuse when I said I was leaving. It was the middle of the busiest shopping period.
    2. The client is going to blow a fuse if this isn't delivered on time. They have a tight deadline.
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