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(all this/that) carry-on

all this carry-onall that carry-on
1) behaviour/unnecessary excitement or fuss
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    • I've had enough of all that carry-on!
  • Analysis
    'Carry-on' is a noun used as a way of talking about behaviour that is annoying or mildly unpleasant, or needlessly complicated. It is a colloquial term often associated with irritation or humour. It is usually used to talk about the behaviour of a group or an inefficient system. "Before watching the game there is a lot of hugging and back-slapping and that kind of carry-on." "Applying to build in Greece is difficult due to the red tape, form-filling and general carry-on before you can get started." Do not confuse this with the phrasal verb 'carry on' which means 'to continue'.
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. The children are jumping on the back seat of the bus and screaming. I'm going to to say something because I have had enough of all this carry-on!
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. Can't we ever just make a decision without endless meetings and all that carry-on? We're wasting time!
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