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(not) a hope in hell

a hope in hellnot a hope in hell
1) no possibility of doing or achieving something
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    • you haven't a hope in hell of getting that promotion
  • Analysis

    This is a very casual informal phrase meaning there is no chance of something happening. It is related to the expression 'not a snowballs hope in hell'. Hell is considered to be full of fire and heat so the snowball would have no chance of surviving. When you say there 'isn't a hope in hell' of something happening you mean there is absolutely no possibility it can happen or be achieved.

  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. The traffic is awful this afternoon! I haven't got a hope in hell of making that appointment now.
    2. After my accident, I hadn't a hope in hell of ever becoming a professional basketball player.
    3. You haven't a hope in hell of passing the exam. You haven't been in class for over a month
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. Person A: "Is there any chance I could get a raise?" Person B: "We're having to tighten our belts at the moment, so there's not a hope in hell, I'm afraid."
    2. You haven't a hope in hell of getting that promotion. There are too many other candidates who are better qualified and more experienced.
    3. We haven't a hope in hell of surviving if sales continue in this way.
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