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a roll of the dice

a roll of the dice
1) take a risk or chance on something
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    • roll the dice and see what happens
  • Analysis

    If you take 'a roll of the dice', you take a chance in the same way you would if you were gambling. You might be planning to open a new business or invest in someone else's new project, or maybe you're returning to education in the hope of pursuing your dreams. Whatever it is, if you think it's a risk worth taking, then you are likely to 'roll the dice' or 'take a roll of the dice'. It's similar to saying you are going to 'give it a shot'.

  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. I've never run my own business before so opening a coffee shop is a big roll of the dice for me. I hope it pays off!
    2. There's no guarantee the other party will accept these terms, but let's just roll the dice and see what happens.
    3. I know we've already had our funding application rejected three times, but let's take one final roll of the dice and see if we can catch a break.
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. Every now and again I like to take a roll of the dice and put a bet on a race.
    2. Investing in this property might not be successful but every now and again you have to roll the dice.
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