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a record of

a record of
1) information/data (about sth/sb)
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    • a record of events/activity/achievement, a medical record
  • Analysis

    When you keep 'a record of' something, you keep an account of information, facts or data stored in relation to that thing. You can keep a record of facts, information, thoughts or feelings. The 'record' could be in writing, digital or made in some other way. You can 'take a record of' something by capturing information associated with it. You will often hear this phrase used in educational, legal and business settings. Similar phrases include 'keep data on (something)', and 'to document something'.

  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. My laptop crashed while I was working on my assignment, so I lost all record of everything I wrote over the weekend.
    2. If someone is hassling you, you should keep a record of all exchanges because you might need it as evidence later on.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. During my Employee Review, I had to produce a record of my work over the past quarter as evidence of my performance.
    2. My Manager had a record of every time I had been late over the past year.
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