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a lone wolf

a lone wolf
1) someone who prefers to be or work alone
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    • it's hard to get to know him/her as he/she is a bit of a lone wolf
  • Analysis

    A 'lone wolf' is someone who would rather work on tasks or projects on their own, sometimes because they prefer not to share the credit for a positive outcome. Although being a team-player is seen as a good quality in the business world, many people who rise to the top have done so because they have distinguished themselves from others. This is often what a 'lone wolf' achieves. You might hear this used in social situations, but it is mostly suited to professional contexts.

  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. Liam seems like a nice guy, but it's hard to get to know him as he keeps himself to himself most of the time. He's a bit of a lone wolf really.
    2. I am a lone wolf when it comes to completing projects. I hate working with other people who let me down.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. In the office, Mary has the reputation of being a lone wolf, but I actually found her to be engaging and very easy to work with.
    2. The boss knows that I'm a lone wolf, so to get the best out of me he gives me tasks to do on my own rather than assigning me to group projects.
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