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a hot head/hot-headed

a hot headhot-headed
1) someone who gets angry or excited easily and acts without thinking carefully
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    • someone can be a bit of a hot head
  • Analysis

    If someone is 'a hot head', they are very likely to get angry easily. You might imagine their head heating up and exploding with anger! Likewise, if you're 'hot-headed' or 'a hot-headed person', you are prone to losing your temper or acting without thinking things through. You might hear this in any context, social or professional.

  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. James can be a bit of a hot head, so people tend to be careful about what they say to him.
    2. If someone becomes hot-headed when you give them feedback, it is a good indication that they do not respond well to criticism.
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. There's no room for hotheadedness in a classroom. As a teacher, you should be rational and controlled at all times.
    2. Alex scuppered the deal by losing his temper during the negotiations. Someone so hot-headed should not have been part of the negotiating team. 
  • Further Suggestions
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