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a given

a given
1) a basic fact or assumption that you accept as being true
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    • you can/can't take that as a given
  • Analysis

    Something which is 'a given' is known to be true. When you have already accepted that something is true, or if you have come to a conclusion and you want to move on from it, you can say that the matter at hand is 'a given'. This just means that it is not up for dispute or open for argument. Climate change scientists would say that the fact that the ice caps are melting faster is 'a given'. They accept it to be true. You will hear this used in many contexts, social or professional.

  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. A lot of people will want to go to that concert, that's a given, but I hope I can still get tickets.
    2. If you want to live in the city it's a given that prices will be higher.
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. These financial results mean that you can take it as a given that there will be significant job cuts in the near future.
    2. Just because you have the most experience does not mean you can take it as a given that you are next in line for a promotion. You have to keep working hard and impressing the boss.
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