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a fresh pair of eyes

a fresh pair of eyes
1) someone who can offer a new or different perspective to something
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    • offer/bring a fresh pair of eyes to something
  • Analysis
    This expression refers to somebody who can examine or offer a critique of something, often a plan, text, or document, in an unbiased and clear way, usually as a result of not being involved in the creation process. If, for example, you have spent days writing a report, you might be so bogged down in the research and detail that you miss something important that somebody distant from the process could pick up on immediately. A 'fresh pair of eyes' is therefore very useful for spotting mistakes and offering new perspectives, which is why the term is so common in a professional context.   
  • Professional Examples (Advance)
    1. I'm struggling to find a solution to the problem. I could do with a fresh pair of eyes to provide me with a new perspective.
    2. After I had spent all day writing the article, I asked Mary to review it for any typos as the task required a fresh pair of eyes.
    3. The company made an external appointment for the vacant position as they wanted someone who would bring a fresh pair of eyes to the business.
  • Social Examples (Advance)
    1. I'm still not happy with this painting, I think I've been working on it for too long I need a fresh set of eyes.
    2. Would you mind reading my essay, I think I need a fresh set of eyes to give me an opinion.
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