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have an edge

a bit of an edge
1) an advantage, an element of aggression or directness
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    • have a bit of an edge over your rivals
  • Analysis

     If you 'have an edge' on or over someone, you have an advantage or you are more likely to succeed while they fail. A company that successfully corners the market with their leading product could be described as having 'an edge' over its competitors, while someone who trains hard to be the best at what they do could have 'the edge' when it comes to competing. Another way to use this expression is in terms of someone's personality. Some people are described as having 'a bit of an edge' to them if it seems that they might get angry or forceful at a moment's notice.

  • Social Examples (Basic)
    1. There's was a bit of an extra edge to the match after the controversial comments that were made in the build-up.
    2. Anne has a bit of an edge to her personality. She doesn't put up with any nonsense.
  • Professional Examples (Basic)
    1. Gary has a bit of an edge over his competitors for the promotion due to his vast experience.
    2. We have the edge among our competitors, nobody has access to the same resources we do.
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