What Are Your Strengths - HR Interviews

In these short pages, we provide a sample answer for each interview question in relation to the industry shown. We then analyse the answer, pointing out valuable information so that you can adapt the answer to your specific circumstances.

Human Resources - What Are Your Strengths?


One of my main strengths would be communication. Since my degree I have completed two posts as a temporary HR assistant in two separate companies. There was an incident involving staff members in one of the companies that required Human Resources to resolve. To cut a long story short, a staff member was working through a six-month probationary period and was involved in a verbal altercation with another staff member. After a thorough investigation into the matter, HR decided the incident required a dismissal without notice on the grounds that the employee was still on probation. This was the first time I really got my hands dirty in HR as I had to deliver the news to the employee. When I did, it was something that I had not experienced in the role. I felt I was direct with the employee and explained all of the ins and outs involved in the process leading up to the decision. Afterwards, I had a meeting with the other employee involved, as there was a disciplinary measure to be taken. I empathised with him due to the background of the story, but was firm in explaining the reasons for his disciplinary sanction.

I also feel my impartiality to issues between staff members is second to none. When the HR team dealt with the staff's disagreement, we stayed completely neutral to the situation and acted accordingly after we laid out all of the facts. Being impartial can be tough at times; especially when faced with a situation between members of staff that you have a good working history with, but we must still make completely neutral decisions. I feel I am strong in this aspect and have acted justly to matters relating to disputes.

Another area I feel I am strong in is internal training. When I start in a new position, I like to take as much information home with me regarding the computer software and the company's policies and procedures, so that I can equip myself with the tools needed to on-board new starts into a company. This has served me very well, but more so I really enjoy this aspect of the job and feel that training and mentoring is where my strength lies.


The Interviewee's opening consists of experience and specificity, and this is from a graduate. Excellent start.

When the Interviewee discusses the incident involving the staff members, they go into detail on the situation. This was the perfect opportunity to hand over this information as it disclosed just how well the Interviewee can perform the skill mentioned. The Interviewee swiftly mentions their lack of experience when saying, "This was the first time I really got my hands dirty...", but this shows courage in the face of challenges as well as determination to follow through with instruction. Extremely well planned out example from the Interviewee and they used it at the appropriate time to give the very best version of themselves to the Employer.

The Interviewee is ticking all the boxes so far. They follow this up accordingly by highlighting how impartial they are to delicate situations. This is key as the HR department is the point of contact when dealing with a work incident or employee issue. A HR professional needs to remain neutral throughout the processes and cannot be seen to show a bias or siding with any party(/ies) involved and to show themselves working well under pressure, making informed decisions based on facts and not emotions. There really isn't a place in HR for an employee who likes to wing it - good organisational skills and the ability to be naturally structured are the characteristics of people who end up in this sector. This Interviewee hits home with their answer.

The Interviewee closes their answer with their ability to train new employees. This introduces a range of different skills into the mind of the employer: Communication, Team-player, Delegation, Attention-to-detail, just to name a few. All of these would be directly related to training new staff into the ways of a new company. The Interviewee was spot-on when closing their answer. It's a waterfall of skills and qualities in itself.

Overall, the Interviewee prepared well for this question as it has plenty of structure which is good for the employer to see. The Interviewee walks the employer through their answers nice and smoothly.

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