Prepositions Lists and Vocabulary Builder

In these pages, you will find an ever-growing list of useful expressions.

They cover phrasal verbs, idioms, collocations, and more, and are searchable by the preposition words used in them, whether they appear at the beginning, middle, or end of the expression.

You might like to visit this list from time to time to expand your vocabulary.

Above: Above suspicion, rise above, punch above, get above yourself, over and above, above all

Across: Stumble across, come across, cut across, put across, get across, run across, talk across

Against: Go against, turn against, hold against, go up against, come up against, pit against

Along: Come along, get along (with), go along (with), move along, sing along, dance along, laugh along, string along, tag along, speed along, play along, all along, run along

Around: Ask around, move around, play around, run around, boss around, kick around, lie around, mess around, push around, fool around, stick around, shop around, hang around, jump around, keep around

At: Jump at, aim at, arrive at, get at, get back at, yell at, look at, laugh at, work at, drive at

Behind: Stand behind, stay behind, fall behind, put behind, talk behind (someone's back), come from behind, leave behind, get behind

Below: Fall below, go below, drop below

Between: Come between, stand between, fall between

By: Come by, drop by, pass by, put by, go by, swing by, get by, stand by, stick by, swear by

For: Call for, fall for, vouch for, wait for, care for, be there for, feel for, stand in for, stand up for, stick up for, speak for, long for, allow for, answer for, fend for, look for, go for, root for, send for, pay for

In: Have in mind, rake in, reign in, hang in, have it in for, butt in, cash in, home in on, rub it in, rush in, jump in, close in on, clock in, join in, kick in, shut in, settle in, sign in, lay in, confide in, sink in, sleep in, bed in, let in on, log in, sneak in, chime in, check in, drive in, muscle in, eat in, swear in, colour in, key in, breathe in, pitch in, get stuck in, barge in, factor in, break in, give in

Off: Back off, laugh off, walk off, storm off, hold off, keep off, kick off, knock it off, log off, leave off, come off it, cut off, power off, put off, saw off, scare off, give off, go off, fight off, finish off, fall off, face off

On: Add on, put on, sell on, send on, hold on, hang on, carry on, run on, border on, bring on, bank on, rely on, get on with someone, grow on, base on, happen on, call on, sleep on, jump on, walk on, spur on, soldier on, stay on, lay on, cop on, count on, log on, switch on, take on, touch on, dwell on, drone on, dream on, draw on, egg on, fall back on, pick up on, urge on, verge on, wait on, work on

Over: Fall over, take over, think over, tide over, make over, glaze over, glance over, blow over, boil over, run over, walk over, roll over, hand over, screw over, smooth over, cloud over, chew over, check over, change over, hold over, fawn over, mull over, put one over, pore over, paper over, fork over, get over, give over

To: Look up to, face up to, talk down to, keep to oneself, turn to, get on to, get round to, get through to, report to, run to, get up to, get back to, see to, be up to, date back to, attend to, aim to, answer to, put down to, put up to, put to, used to, look ahead to, look forward to

With: Agree with, disagree with, come with, come up with, come out with, keep up with, stick with, side with, deal with, come to terms with, come to grips with, get away with, get on with, play with, be with, put up with, get it over with, go through with, get along with, toy with, laugh with, live with, mess with

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