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complain annoyingly

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whinge - moan

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To ‘whinge’ means to moan in a repetitive way about something that is typically not that important. Such behaviour is considered very childlike and so adults who complain in such a way are usually strongly looked down upon. For that reason, this chiefly British informal word is most commonly used to express disapproval.

Synonyms kvetch,bewail
Antonyms exuberate,exult,solemnize

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  1. What I like about Mike is that he doesn’t whinge. He just puts his head down and gets on with things.

  2. Instead of just mindlessly whingeing about the situation, why don’t you instead do something to try and resolve it?

  3. I don’t pay much attention to that student when he complains about things as he’s known to be a bit of a whinger.

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