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extremely skilled

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virtuoso - genius

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A ‘virtuoso' is somebody who excels or demonstrates exceptional ability at something. It was originally used solely in the context of music but has since become much more versatile. The word tends to be used sparingly, though, as such talent or level of performance is not at all common. For that reason, it is considered highly complimentary.

Synonyms maestro,maven
Antonyms cumbersome,inefficacious

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  1. The concert pianist earned a standing ovation from the audience for the prodigious skill he displayed. It really was a virtuoso performance.

  2. If you can’t figure out how to resolve that software issue, then ask Jane. She’s a virtuoso when it comes to computers.

  3. Even though Alex is not as dedicated or disciplined as his teammates, he is such a virtuoso talent that I can’t afford to drop him from the side.

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