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characterized by energy and vigour

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virile - manly

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A man described as being ‘virile’ is considered to have a marked degree of what are regarded as traditionally masculine traits, particularly strength and energy, sexual or otherwise. However, the term is also used in relation to something considered to be very strong or forceful. In both senses, the word can be used in both a positive and negative context.

Synonyms potent,potent,macho,vigorous
Antonyms impotent

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  1. Traditional Hollywood action stars are virile young men who use strength and advanced fighting skills to defeat enemies.

  2. My friend comes from a very macho culture where great importance is placed on a man’s virility. He found such expectations to be quite restricting.

  3. We need to stop beating about the bush and instead take a more virile approach to addressing our ongoing issues.

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