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vindictive | vindictiveness | vindictively

vindictive vindictiveness vindictively
vengeful and cruel
  • How to Memorize
    • vindictive - mean
  • Analysis

    Somebody described as being ‘vindictive’ is considered to be acting in a deliberately malicious way against a person or group they feel has done them harm. The word is used in a negative and disapproving sense, not only because it implies cruelty and an inability to forgive, but also because such behaviour is often entirely unjustified.

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    Antonymsbenevolentforgiving, humane,
  • Example(s)
    1. I didn’t think I was a vindictive person, but when my boss fired me I found myself shamefully hoping that some harm would come to him.

    2. Janice is spreading malicious rumours about me out of sheer vindictiveness because she is still angry that I broke up with her.

    3. When I refused to withdraw my accusation against the politician, he vindictively tried to ruin my career.