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vex | vexation | vexatious

vex vexation vexatious
make somebody feel annoyed or worried
  • How to Memorize
    • vex - irritate
  • Analysis

    If something or somebody were to ‘vex’ you, they would cause you to lose your composure. That may not always be in the sense of simply losing your temper. To ‘vex’ can also mean to confuse, agitate, or worry. Think of it as something that interferes with your comfort or peace of mind.

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  • Example(s)
    1. The continued poor grades of my students is really starting to vex me. I’m not sure if it’s their fault or mine.

    2. Having to work with people who have a bad attitude makes me want to swear in vexation sometimes!

    3. The spokesperson was getting visibly annoyed at the increasingly vexatious questions from journalists.