vacillate | vacillation

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keep changing your opinion or ideas about something

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vacillate - waver

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To ‘vacillate’ means to be uncertain about what action to take, particularly in the context of being unable to choose between two or more options. This hesitation and inability to reach a decision is characterized by fluctuating or wavering from one alternative or choice to another. In other words, you keep changing your opinion.

Synonyms fluctuate,indecisive,oscillate
Antonyms persist,adhere,persevere

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  1. We must not vacillate on this decision anymore. Our indecisiveness is costing us precious time!

  2. As the situation unfolded, my mood vacillated between hope and despair.

  3. Despite her initial vacillation as she weighed up the pros and cons, Helen did eventually decide to leave the company.

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