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polite and sociable

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urbane - cultured

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A person described as being ‘urbane’ is considered to be well-mannered and relaxed and confident in social situations. The word implies a high level of cultivation and such people tend to have a polished manner and a suaveness that makes others think well of them. Tends to be used in relation to a man.

Synonyms debonair,genteel,suave
Antonyms gauche,querulous

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  1. Michael was much sought after as a public speaker due to his witty and urbane manner which made audiences quickly warm to him.

  2. I'm not at all surprised that Andrew became a diplomat. His blend of urbanity and conscientiousness lends itself to that career.

  3. Sarah will probably find it very easy to settle in Paris. The city has an urbane sophistication that suits her.

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