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arrogant and self-important

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uppity - arrogant

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An ‘uppity’ person tends to behave in an unpleasantly pompous way that is marked by a lack of respect and a misguided belief that they are more important than everybody else. Such people tend to elicit strong, negative emotions from others and can be difficult to work with or be around. As such, this informal word is used to show disapproval.

Antonyms modest

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  1. The waiter in that restaurant was so uppity! He looked down his nose at me just because I wasn’t wearing a tie.

  2. Lisa got very defensive and haughty when I criticized her work. I told her that I had no time for her uppityness.

  3. I think the job interviewer thought I was a little uppity, but I just strongly believe in my strengths and ability.

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