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lacking manners or grace

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uncouth - rude

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An ‘uncouth’ person speaks and behaves in an unpleasant and offensive way that causes others to regard them as being vulgar and avoid their company. Therefore, whether in a professional or social context, to be thought of in such a way can be highly damaging. The term can also less frequently be used with regards to an awkward and uncultivated appearance.

Synonyms unrefined
Antonyms sophisticated,prepossessing,refined

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  1. Nobody ever invites Ian to the pub after work because we all think of him as an uncouth loud-mouth.

  2. A lot of people mistake Robert’s straightforwardness and lack of diplomacy with uncouthness. In fact, he’s just too honest for his own good.

  3. Debbie caused offence at the dinner by eating with her hands. It was regarded as being very uncouth.

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