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quiet and modest

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unassuming - modest

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Somebody who is ‘unassuming’ is not in any way brash and therefore shows no desire to be noticed or to appear important. Instead, they are unpretentious and polite, which is why this word is generally used in an approving way. However, it is possible to be too unassuming, which can be to that person’s detriment.

Synonyms unpretentious,self-effacing

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  1. Despite the actor’s fame, I found him to be quite shy and unassuming in person. It was a pleasant surprise.

  2. Robert goes about his work unassumingly and without any fuss. He can always be relied upon to get things done.

  3. Although Emily is polite and liked by everyone, I feel that she is too unassuming. She will never get ahead in this business unless she learns to be more assertive.

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