tumescent | tumescence

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bloated or swollen

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tumescent - swollen

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The word ‘tumescent’ can be used to describe something that is physically or figuratively distended in some way, or teeming with something such as ideas or emotions. By extension, it can also refer to bombastic and overly elaborate language which is regarded as a sign of pretentiousness and pomposity.

Synonyms engorged
Antonyms unembellished

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  1. I picked a tumescent orange from the tree. It was so swollen with juice that it looked as if it was about to burst!

  2. Even though Alex did a great job on the project, I didn’t single him out for praise. The last thing I want to do is add to the tumescence of his ego.

  3. The book was far too over-written and ornate for my tastes. I prefer something a little less tumescent.

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