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determined or persistent

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tenacious - determined

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The word ‘tenacious’ has positive connotations. A person described as such is seen as someone who does not give up easily and fights for what they believe in. The term can also describe keeping a firm hold of something, therefore you may sometimes see or hear it used in association with the word ‘grip’.

Synonyms adamant,persevering
Antonyms yielding,unreliable,irresolute

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  1. Claire showed great tenacity to get her business going. It took years of struggle, but she never gave up.

  2. The team fought tenaciously in the match, but in the end we lost to a better side.

  3. The police officer has been tenacious in his hunt for the killer. He’s working night and day and following up every lead.

  4. The boss singled out Rebecca for praise, pointing to her tenacity and resourcefulness.

  5. I admire the tenacity you’ve shown in trying to solve the issue, but I think we need to bring in an expert.

  6. Jack is a tenacious negotiator. He doesn’t stop until a deal is over the line.

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