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attractively thin

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svelte - slender

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If a person is described as ‘svelte’ then they are considered to be slender and attractive. The word also implies a graceful and stylish look or form. It is most commonly used in a literal sense to refer to a man or woman’s body, but less frequently it can also be used to refer to something downsizing in a figurative sense.

Synonyms lithe,sinewy
Antonyms corpulent,elephantine

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  1. Jack was justifiably proud of his newly svelte figure. It had taken him four months of hard dieting to reach that stage.

  2. The company is far too bloated and urgently needs to be made more svelte. That’s why we are currently looking at ways to streamline the business.

  3. There are some who claim that seeing the svelte figures of models on billboards can lead to unrealistic beauty standards.

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