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moody and unwilling to speak to people

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sullen - glum

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A person described as being ‘sullen’ is considered to be bad-tempered and unwilling to engage with or be pleasant to others. It can be as a result of a perceived slight, being in a bad mood, or feeling hard done by, but also due to a character flaw. The word has only negative connotations.

Synonyms surly
Antonyms cheerful,lighthearted,amiable

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  1. My class is made up of difficult teenagers. Instead of engaging, they typically just remain sullen and indifferent.

  2. Brian always seems to be in a bad mood and it’s hard to ever get more than a few words out of him. His sullenness makes him very difficult to work with.

  3. After I scolded my son, he marched off sullenly and locked himself in his room.

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