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bring under control

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subjugate - subdue

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To ‘subjugate’ somebody or something is to reduce their status to that of a ‘subject’. In other words, make them subordinate or subservient to you. While the word was originally used to describe the conquering and enslavement of one group of people by another, it has since been adapted to also express repressing your own beliefs and wishes on behalf of others.

Synonyms enslave,subordinate
Antonyms liberate,emancipate,enfranchise

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  1. A good journalist will subjugate their own personal convictions to the need of maintaining fairness and balance in their reporting.

  2. The Communist Party’s harsh subjugation of their own people was a recurring theme in Soviet Russia.

  3. The warlord was a notorious subjugator, who brought death and misery to the people in the lands he conquered.

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