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defeat or control

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subdue - suppress

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When you ‘subdue’ you exert force or will to reduce or vanquish somebody or something, or prevent something from happening. The word can also refer to a general reduction in intensity, particularly with regards to an atmosphere or a person’s mood or feelings, that might occur after an upset or disappointment. Commonly used in both a professional and social context.

Synonyms vanquish,subordinate
Antonyms unfetter,amplify,emancipate

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  1. After a night of pitched battles, the police managed to subdue the rioters which meant that the clean-up work could begin.

  2. Due to current restrictions, the wedding was limited with regards to the number of guests, making it quite a subdued affair.

  3. I was very nervous before giving my speech, but I did my best to subdue my fears so that it wouldn’t show.

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