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stymie | stymied

stymie stymied
prevent something from happening
  • How to Memorize
    • stymie - hinder
  • Analysis

    The word ‘stymie’ is an informal way of expressing an obstruction or hindrance that stops something from occurring or increasing, or somebody from achieving a particular purpose. It is often used in a negative context but is not limited to that. Most commonly seen in written English.

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  • Example(s)
    1. Draconian measures were implemented to stymie the spread of the virus, leading to a debate about whether they have done more harm than good.

    2. Our efforts to secure planning permission are being stymied by red tape. The delays are proving very costly.

    3. Trade negotiations have been stymied by the other party’s increasingly unrealistic demands. We may have to walk away from the deal altogether.