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a state of insensibility

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stupor - daze

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To be in a ‘stupor’ means to be in a state where you are almost unconscious and cannot hear, speak, or see clearly. This is typically due to excessive alcohol or drug consumption, though it can occasionally also be as the result of extreme stress or a nasty shock.

Synonyms insensibility
Antonyms vigilant,preceptive

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  1. Since John was fired, he’s been drinking himself into a stupor every night. He needs to quickly clean up his act and find another job.

  2. I’ve been in something of a stuporous state ever since I heard that awful news. I’m really struggling to process it at the moment.

  3. The doctor found it very difficult to treat the patient because she was in a drug-induced stupor and was therefore unable to communicate exactly what was wrong with her.

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