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serious, dull, or old-fashioned

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staid - sober

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Something ‘staid’ is considered boring, unchanging, or rigidly conventional. While oftentimes the word is used negatively to express stuffiness or an aversion to change and risk-taking, it can also be used in a more positive sense. For example, something staid may be dull, but nonetheless dignified and admirably restrained.

Synonyms sedate,stuffy
Antonyms unconventional

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  1. The culture within the company is very staid, which is why there is little room for free-thinkers or innovation.

  2. The politician’s uplifting and energetic speech came as a surprise. She is normally known for her staidness.

  3. Peter had a staidly conventional rural upbringing, which meant that he struggled when he moved to New York.

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