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serious and sad

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sombre - sad

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Somebody or something ‘sombre’ is gloomy and devoid of any joy or excitement. The word, when applied to an occasion, for example, implies something solemn and mournful, which is why you may often see it used in relation to a funeral. A person who is sombre is usually that way due to circumstances rather than an innate characteristic.

Synonyms gloomy
Antonyms ecstatic,buoyant

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  1. My time working in that shop ended on a rather sombre note when the owner passed away and the business was closed.

  2. The sombreness of the office was palpable after the deal fell through at the last minute. It was a crushing disappointment for us all.

  3. The statesman’s funeral was a very sombre occasion. Dignitaries came from around the world to pay their respects.

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