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fit closely or a feeling of comfort or protection

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snug - comfy

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The word ‘snug’ is used in two main ways. Firstly, it refers to something that gives feelings of warmth, comfort, and protection. Such a place or item provides the opportunity for relaxation and contentment, so in that context, it is often used in relation to a location where you are living or staying, or an item situated there, like a chair or blanket. Secondly, it expresses something, such as clothing, that fits tightly and, occasionally, too tightly.

Synonyms intimate
Antonyms agitated

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  1. The weather on the coast was awful, but luckily we had rented a snug cottage where we could take shelter by a warm fire.

  2. The heating is broken in the house, so I just wrap myself up snugly under my quilt when I watch television.

  3. My favourite jumper is a little snug on me now, especially around the midsection. I’ve obviously put on a bit of weight recently.

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