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expressing contempt

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snide - sneering

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The word ‘snide’ is most commonly used in relation to a remark or comment that criticizes somebody or something not only in a contemptuous way, but also in an indirect and underhanded fashion. This implied element of sneakiness and deception further adds to the negative connotations associated with the term. People will often say such a remark or comment with a sneer on their face.

Antonyms irreproachable

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  1. Instead of just making snide remarks about my computer skills, why don’t you actually try and help me resolve the issue?

  2. Kevin’s unpopularity stems from his rudeness and unapproachability. Whenever anybody tries to engage with him he typically responds snidely with some dismissive aside.

  3. Anne was removed from the team because of the snide comments she kept making about the project manager. They were very scornful and undermining.

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