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overly pleased with yourself

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smug - arrogant

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If you are ‘smug’ then you are highly self-satisfied and behave in a way that makes it obvious to everyone else. Such an attitude is born from arrogance, or the inflated self-esteem that can come with success or a physical or mental advantage that you may feel you have over others. Typically used to show disapproval.

Antonyms unpretentious

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  1. Alex was so smug after he was made team leader. His attitude really rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way.

  2. With a certain degree of smugness, Emily told me that she was going to Dubai next week. She clearly thought I would be jealous.

  3. Patrick didn’t heed my advice to sell the shares, so when their price dropped steeply I sat back smugly and watched him panic.

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