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very small pieces

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smithereens - bits

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The noun ‘smithereens’ is used as an informal way of referring to little bits of something, especially if the thing in question is in that state due to being smashed or as a result of an explosion. As it always relates to a number of broken pieces, it is only used in its plural form. Generally preceded by the preposition ‘to’.

Synonyms morsels,remnants,fragments
Antonyms collocate

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  1. The movie deals with the theme of war in a cerebral and nuanced way, rather than just showing things being blown to smithereens.

  2. I tried to move the crystal vase carefully, but it slipped from my grasp and smashed to smithereens on the floor.

  3. Due to his failure to complete the task before the deadline, Brian’s chances of earning a bonus this year have been dashed to smithereens.

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