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be in a state of sleep or inactivity

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slumber - sleep

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The word ‘slumber’ is a more formal way of saying ‘sleep’, but it can also be used to refer to peacefulness, or in a figurative way to express somebody or something considered to be idle, sluggish, or dormant. It tends to be more commonly used in written English rather than everyday conversation, particularly in print media.

Synonyms hibernate,siesta
Antonyms vigilant,engrossed

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  1. After the day at work I’ve had, I doubt even an alarm could wake me out of my slumber tonight. I’m totally exhausted!

  2. The recent tax cuts are the government's latest attempt to pull the economy out of its slumber and provide some much-needed stimulus.

  3. There is no excuse for our slumberous response to the crisis. It’s simply down to poor organization and chronic mismanagement.

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