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a lazy and untidy person

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sloven - slob

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A ‘sloven’ is a person who as a matter of habit pays little to no attention to neatness or cleanliness, especially when it comes to their physical appearance. The term can also describe a person with horrible manners, but the implication with this word is that looking and behaving like a slob and being discourteous go hand-in-hand. Used to express strong disapproval.

Synonyms malingerer,idler,shirker
Antonyms dynamo,conscientious

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  1. The candidate’s sloven appearance in the interview meant that I discounted him for the job before he had even said anything. It showed a distinct lack of professionalism.

  2. I had to abandon the slovenly habits of my student days once I got a full-time job and moved in with my girlfriend.

  3. The businessman was once well thought of, but his excessive eating and drinking recently have seen him develop a disadvantageous reputation for slovenliness.

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