slime | slimy

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something wet and slippery or somebody unpleasant

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slime - lowlife

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The word ‘slime’ in a literal sense refers to a thick, wet, sticky substance that is typically green or greenish-brown in colour and is found near water. As its texture is unpleasant and people tend to view it with disgust, the term can also be used in a figurative, informal sense to describe a bad or sleazy person. Particularly common in North American English.

Synonyms sludge,viscosity,scoundrel
Antonyms sterility,gallant

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  1. There’s a lot of slime on the rocks near the river, so be careful you don’t slip on it when you’re walking there.

  2. That salesperson is a really slimy guy. He pretends to be your friend so that he can use you to get what he wants.

  3. Peter thinks that all lawyers are slime, so he’s going to represent himself in his upcoming court case rather than hire one.

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