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finding something by chance

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serendipity - luck

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‘Serendipity’ refers to finding or creating interesting or good things by virtue of a happy accident. It typically implies something that was not sought or strived for. Though it has some similarities in meaning to the word ‘luck’, it differs in that you can have bad luck, whereas ‘serendipity’ only has positive connotations.

Synonyms fortuity,happenstance,fate
Antonyms misfortune,affliction,calamity

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  1. Some of the most important breakthroughs in scientific history have been as a result of serendipity.

  2. Our meeting was highly serendipitous. She had just left her job, and I was in desperate need of an experienced computer programmer.

  3. When I travel somewhere new I don’t plan ahead. I much prefer to discover things through sheer serendipity.

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