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intense anger or energy

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seethe - rage

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The word ‘seethe’ describes the heightened and vigorous activity. If water 'seethes' then it boils, and in a figurative sense, so does a person as this term is most frequently used to refer to rage or another violent internal excitement that somebody might feel. The internal aspect is important as the word implies that the strong emotion in question is felt but not expressed in a demonstrative way.

Synonyms ferment,smoulder,apoplectic
Antonyms imperturbed

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  1. I didn’t openly show my disappointment that Jennifer got the job ahead of me, but I admit that it did make me seethe with jealousy.

  2. On the day of the big sale, the high street was absolutely seething with people. It was pandemonium!

  3. The error was my fault, and even though John didn’t say anything to me about it, I could tell that he was seething.

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