scrounge | scrounging | scrounger

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get something through foraging or begging

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scrounge - beg

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If you ‘scrounge’ then you get something, especially money or food, by scavenging or going around and asking others for it rather than earning or buying it yourself. Such conduct is generally looked down upon, and while some may be happy to help you out on one or two occasions, there is a limit to people’s patience for this type of behaviour.

Synonyms wheedle
Antonyms unsolicited,bestow

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  1. It was so sad to see that old homeless man having to scrounge for food. That’s why I went and bought him a sandwich.

  2. You need to go out and get a job instead of sitting on the dole. It’s not good for you to just be scrounging off the government.

  3. If you keep going to your friends for help paying your rent then you’ll get the reputation of a scrounger and they won’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.

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