scintillate | scintillation | scintillating

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thrill or amuse

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scintillate - thrill

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If you ‘scintillate’ somebody, you dazzle or impress them with your liveliness or wit. The term is derived from the Latin word for ‘spark’, so a good way to remember how to use it is to think of it as something that causes somebody else to figuratively light up. Often used in relation to a performer of some kind.

Synonyms electrify,stimulate
Antonyms exhaust

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  1. The classical pianist has the ability to scintillate audiences with his flair and extraordinary natural ability.

  2. The lecturer’s delivery may lack panache or scintillation, but she has a very strong command of the facts.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the banquet. Not only was there great food, there was also scintillating conversation.

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