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not enough

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scant - sparse

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Something described as being ‘scant’ is limited or insufficient in quality, extent, or amount. It can refer to a wide range of things, varying from evidence and information to clothing and financial resources. It implies struggle, compromise, and difficulty, meaning that it is almost always used in a negative context.

Synonyms meagre,deficient,exiguous
Antonyms bounteous

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  1. By taking such a large bonus, the managing director showed scant regard for the welfare of employees who are facing significant job cuts.

  2. Even though I think David was the one who defrauded the business, the evidence to prove it is scanty at best.

  3. Most of the group were quite scantily dressed, so when the temperature suddenly plunged, they were ill-prepared for the cold.

  4. My current salary is too scanty to cover my mounting financial obligations, so I may need to find an alternative source of revenue.

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